DMS - Document management

Where do you store your documents?

DMS is a convenient solution to automate and quickly grasp documents. Paper documents can be automated and indexed manually, classified and deposits in any archive systems or passed on to other systems. The process takes place via the integrated standard identification module, which is combined with the method of indexation (scan, barcode, OCR, database and application access…).

With a proper connection to different archiving systems it is possible at any time enter or re-order the required documents. Long search times in file folders belong to the past.

All the rules and settings are configured depending on company needs. Configurations of this type range from the barcode/OCR recognition, page separation, form recognition to the connections of databases. A document management system is suitable for all types and sizes of companies. If you want regularly store business documents legally in a digital form, then a DMS is the only best solution.

Where are your documents stored? DMS with Kendox!

Large batches of documents can be processed automatically with a document management system in one operation. Special filters allow the scanning application to recognize the most common types of documents (delivery notes, invoices...) by itself and index automatically. In this way, documents can be quickly and properly used and stored.

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The document archive from the socket

Businesses today have better things to do than to manage the administration and the legal archiving of their documents. You want to focus on your core competences. Nevertheless, it must be ensured that business-relevant information is available around the clock at every location. The best way to do this is to use the relevant application so that business processes can be handled as efficiently as possible.

With Kendox's InfoShare Cloud Archive Service, companies can benefit from secure and traceable data storage in the cloud. The highly available and flexible archiving platform can be quickly and easily integrated into existing professional applications, while ensuring that documents are available anytime, anywhere, through your professional application, web browser or tablet or smartphone.

Document management with Kendox InfoShare

The Kendox InfoShare product family is designed for use in companies that want to optimize the management of electronic documents, information, files and processes. The very high scalability and openness of the overall system guarantee that smaller teams, workgroups as well as enterprise-wide applications can be depicted. The users work with the application of their choice - either with the Windows client, the web client in the browser, seamlessly integrated with a leading application such as ERP systems or the state-of-the-art app for mobile devices. It is always ensured that the managed documents are managed in the document archive in a revision-proof and legal manner.

Document management (or ECM - Enterprise Content Management) serves various sub-functions: documents are recorded, archived in the DMS system under compliance aspects and integrated with existing business processes.

Efficient document management

Information is still managed in companies today in various locations. Access to all information and effective collaboration between departments is often not possible. "Kendox InfoShare" helps you make documents and files available quickly and easily within the company. Typical document management functions, e.g. Check-out / check-in, versioning, annotations and flexible search possibilities are immediately available to your users. Documents can be archived so efficiently, revision-safe archived and, above all, quickly and easily retrieved.

Integrated process manager

Business process management is at the top of the agenda for many companies - regardless of size and industry. The processes in the company become not only more efficient and faster, but above all also more flexible and transparent. The "InfoShare Process Manager" allows you to pre-define processes so that recurring processes are always the same and where the entire process is currently located and who is currently responsible. In addition, individual workflows can also be defined ad-hoc - so the user can, if required, specify the path a document needs to pass through in order to be finally released.

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